How To Choose The Perfect Birthday Cake

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When we think birthday, we think CAKE. Other than the birthday person, the next thing that takes centre stage is surely the birthday cake. It’s the centrepiece for most birthdays and with so many different cakes available to choose from, how do you choose the perfect cake? For that perfect moment of blowing your candles, being surrounded by the people you love, it’s only an added benefit if you have the perfect cake as well. If you or a loved one is celebrating their big day soon, here’s some tips on how to choose the perfect birthday cake. 

  1. Size 

Planning on having a big birthday celebration or keeping it intimate with a few of your loved ones? Cakes are available in a variety of sizes, shapes. Determining what cake size is appropriate for the number of guests expected at an event can be difficult. It’s important to take into consideration the size of your cake so that it’s not too big and goes to waste, or too small a cake that there’s not enough to go around (disaster!). Plan ahead and decide how big or small the guest list is because the size of the cake is a good start to narrowing down the types of cakes you can go for. 

The number of portions produced by round, square, and heart-shaped cakes varies. A square cake has more servings than a round or heart-shaped cake. Unusual shapes, such as octagonal or hexagonal cakes, will give a similar number of servings as square cakes. Standard cake sizes, whether a sheet cake or a tiered cake, can give you an idea of how many portions you can cut. We’ve included a chart for you to refer to to get a better estimate of how many portions can be served for different types of cake shapes and sizes. 

  1. Design 

Because the cake is often the focal point of any celebration, the aesthetic of the cake is just as important as how good it tastes. Everyone is a foodstagrammer especially when it comes to gourmet cakes and this is the chance to show off your beautifully-designed cake. Some things to consider when choosing a design include the birthday person’s tastes and style, the decorations in the room where the event will be held, and other design elements such as party theme, or the outfit of the birthday person.  

If you truly want to surprise your loved ones and make their birthdays memorable, you can invest in an intricately designed cake. It’s the beauty in the details of these types of cakes that really make a difference. Know what he/she’s personal interests are to help narrow down the type of design.  If your loved one is a football enthusiast, a football-themed cake would be ideal. If the cake is for a friend who enjoys a certain type of food, you can replicate the shape of the food as a cake. Originality is key and show how much you know the person with this unique cake design idea. 

  1. Flavour 

It’s all fun and dandy until you realise the cake you ordered looks good, but the flavour of it is a let down. If you’re the one buying the cake for that special someone’s birthday, it is recommended that you choose the flavour that they like. However, if you’re unsure what they like, chocolate cakes make for a safe bet because you can’t go wrong with chocolate. If you’re feeling for something a little more unique, you choose exotic flavours as there are so many new and interesting flavours to choose from. 

Fondant icing is undeniably beautiful and can be shaped into almost anything, but in our opinion, it is not the most tasty option. If you want something different, perhaps more butter creamy and not have to sit there and peel the icing off, you can find plenty of aesthetically pleasing cakes that still taste good. 

  1. Storage 

If you’ve opted for a frosted birthday cake, a plus point is that the various types of frostings can act as a protector for the cake by trapping moisture (much like plastic wrap). Uncut frosted cake with buttercream, fondant, or ganache can be stored at room temperature for up to five days. To protect it from dust or other particles, cover it with a cake keeper or a bowl. If you have any leftover cake, cover the sliced edges or any parts where the cake is “exposed” with plastic wrap. You can also frost the sliced edges of the cake to protect it and help seal in moisture. Using a cake keeper or some sort of covering, store the cake as you normally would.

Tip: You don’t have to toss out that birthday cake if you can’t finish it before it goes stale. Make gorgeous cake balls by crushing the leftover stale cake and combine with icing. It’s upcycling, cake version 😉 

  1. Opt For Online Cake Delivery 

If all of the birthday preparations are keeping you too busy, make your life simple by ordering online. It’s a lot less work than going around to different bakeries and having to choose from all the different options and spending time moving from here to there. With everything shifting into the e-commerce business, it’s a lot more convenient to get your birthday cake and have it delivered on the day so that’s one less thing for you to worry about. From express cake delivery, cupcake delivery, balloon delivery, everything is available in just a few clicks. 

Lastly, have fun, eat cake and enjoy your special day! 

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